Cutting your Business Cards

If you’ve gotten this far and have a nice little pile of printed card sheets waiting to be cut, the rest is a piece of  cake.   In fact there’s only one reason to post this little tutorial.    And that’s because no matter how accurate your template or how carefully you’ve positioned your cards into the cells, the sad fact is that many home and office printers  aren’t absolutely accurate.   The border margins may vary.

So that’s why I’ve provided guidelines on the template for cutting.   As long as you follow the CENTER guide line when you make your first cut, the rest of the cuts will be accurate.

So let’s start by slicing your printed sheet of cards in two.   Follow that center guideline marked with the red star.

There you are   …

Now slice off 1/2 inch from the top and bottom of each piece.

This next slice will take care of any irregularities in the print position.   The cards must be 3 and 1/2 inches wide.   So place them correctly on your cutter and chop.  The leftover margins may vary a fraction, but your cards will be correctly sized.   And if you quickly dispose of the leftover bits, no one will know your printer was in bad mood.

Now just slice each card off at an even two inches.    And  voilà  …  you have a pile of perfectly cut cards.





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