Custom Business Card in GIMP 2.8 (Video)


Here’s an easy way to create a business card in GIMP 2.8  which will fit perfectly into the GimpWimp template or can easily be printed by any print shop.    If you’re going to print your own cards just follow the instructions for layout in the GimpWimp template.   It’s a bit of work but you’ll have a finished sheet of ten cards which you can file and use to print your business cards as you need them.

There are wonderful new brush tools in the GIMP 2.8.   Experiment with them.  Change the sizes, opacity and colors for wonderful and very easy effects.   If you’re working with GIMP 2.6, you may want to upgrade to the later version.   It’s free .

But keep your old 2.6 version handy.   Because the 2.8 has a horrible font sizing feature and the new “window” which pops up on your canvas when you click on the “text” tool is a major irritant.   I just make sure I’m placing my text box as high on my canvas as possible so that horrid box is out of the way.

Have fun.   And share with anyone who wants to make their own business cards.

NOTE:    There is an omission in this clip.   When you click onto the file and choose “new” you must select the US letter size ( or any of the other sizes listed with a 300 ppi resolution) in order to set the resolution to that size.  Otherwise the default is a very low 72ppi.  THEN fill in the 1050 by 600 pixel size.

The Gimp Wimp

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2 Responses to Custom Business Card in GIMP 2.8 (Video)

  1. transesurpapier says:

    Thank you for this tutorial. It will be useful.
    By the way, it will be great if you could do one explaining how to do the template. I tried to do one for ACEO (21/2 X 31/2) and each time it prints the wrong size…

  2. nikkitytom says:

    Sorry to be so late in reply herre. If you’re using the GIMP 2.8 there is no way to get an accurate template because it converts everything. Even the dpi are an unrecognizable 318.870 … instead of the standard 300. I don’t know why I can’t get an answer for this in any of the forums.

    I would suggest just scrapping the GIMP 2.8 or later … and go back to the GIMP 2.6.

    Convert your 2 1/2 by 3 1/2 to pixels. it’s 180 by 253 and create your own template. Make a “T” as I’ve done with the business card template and then arrange your cards, overlapping the edges exactly. You’ll get only four rows of two cards each … ten inches in all … with a half inch border top and bottom which you’ll cut off. Just follow the same template as I’ve shown above.

    Remember to use pixels … not inches and be sure your’e printing at 300 dpi.

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